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Best Silk Heatless Curler Set UK
How to get the best heatless curls
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The Silk Heatless Hair Curler Gift Set
How to get the Best Silk Heatless Curls
Silk Hair Curler Gift Set
Heatless Hair Curler Customer Results
Silk Hair Curler Set
Silk Heatless Curlers Customer Results
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pink heatless curls gift set with silk scrunchies
Pink silk heatless curlers with silk scrunchies

The Silk Heatless Hair Curler Gift Set

Regular price£39.00

  • 100% mulberry silk heatless curler set
  • Achieve salon-worthy curls without any heat damage
  • Includes our signature gift box


Do you love to curl your hair but you don't want to cause heat damage and split ends? If so, our Silk Hair Curler Set is for you.

For those of you who haven't seen the latest TikTok trend, heatless hair curlers are the new hair-friendly way to give yourself salon-worthy curls at home! Obtain no heat curls in a few quick steps and enjoy beautiful curls without damage. 

Made from the highest quality 100% mulberry silk, our heatless curler set will give you beautiful, effortless overnight curls without heat damage, whilst the natural properties of mulberry silk will provide further haircare benefits including reduced frizz.

Contents of our Silk Hair Curler Set

This silk heatless curling set contains 1 x silk hair curler + 2 x classic silk scrunchies (worth £20), packaged into The Silk Collection signature gift box.

Note that the silk heatless ribbon has a thin metal interior to help form the curls whilst wearing. Our innovative flatter design of our silk curler makes our silk heatless curler more comfortable compared to other heatless curlers so that you easily sleep with it in to achieve heatless curls overnight.

Why use The Silk Collection silk heatless hair curler?

  • Protect your hair from heat damage - traditional curlers cause significant damage to your hair which can worsen over time. Switching to a heatless hair curler made from 100% mulberry silk removes any risk of damaging hair through heat, to help keep your hair healthier and stronger over time. 
  • Innovative design - Our silk heatless hair curler has a special slim-fit design, which differs from other heatless curlers. This means that it is lighter and it sits more flat against your head, making it more comfortable when you sleep with it overnight. This also means our hair styling curler can be used to create all types of curls, from loose waves to tight curls.
  • Silk prevents frizz - our heatless curling rod is made from 100% mulberry silk which has significantly less friction against the hair compared to other materials like cotton (for those of you who do this trend using a dressing gown belt!). Mulberry silk's smooth texture reduces rubbing on the hair to reduce frizz and help prevent split ends. This is especially important if you are keeping your heatless hair curler in overnight.
  • Use silk for hydrated hair - mulberry silk is less absorbent than other materials like cotton, which means that it helps to keep your hair hydrated when using overnight as it absorbs less moisture from your hair. Wake up with silky smooth, shiny overnight curls to start the day!
  • Gift-ready - The Silk Collection Silk Heatless Curls Gift Set arrives packed into our signature luxury gift box to make it the perfect gift. Our silk heat-free hair curler also comes with 2 of our best-selling classic silk scrunchies (worth £20) to help tie your hair when you are using it.

How to use The Silk Collection Silk Hair Curler Set

This process typically takes under 5 minutes once you have tried it a couple of times! For a step-by-step guide on and video tutorial on how to use a silk heatless curler, click here.

Suitable for shoulder-length hair and longer.

  1. Use on 80% dry hair for best results.
  2. Place the silk heatless curler over your head so that there is an even amount of the ribbon on either side of your face
  3. (optional) Use a clip to keep the silk hair curler in place. If possible, we would recommend to avoid using a clip where possible as clips can catch on your hair, however if this makes the next steps easier, add this step.
  4. Split hair into 2 sections.
  5. Take a small section of hair from the front of one side of your face and wrap this around the silk ribbon away from your face.
  6. When you go to wrap a second time, take another small section of hair together with the first strand and wrap them together, away from the face. Continue to do this with each wrap until all the hair on that side of your head has been wrapped around the silk curling ribbon.
  7. Tie in place with one of the pure silk scrunchies provided in the heatless curls set.
  8. Repeat with hair on the other side.
  9. Leave for 2-3 hours for looser waves or overnight for best results and more intense curls. We find that the best curls are overnight curls as the silk heatless hair curler has maximum time to form and shape the no heat curls overnight. We recommend sleeping on our pure silk pillowcase to minimise frizz and keeping your hair hydrated whilst your overnight heatless curls set in.
  10. Gently untie the hair scrunchies and remove the silk hair curler to reveal silky smooth no heat curls. Brush your heatless curls gently with a wide tooth comb or with your fingers where required to add extra volume.

TOP TIP: you can adjust the types of curls you have by adjusting the amount of hair in each strand you take with each wrap. For tighter curls, take smaller strands each time. For bigger, looser curls use larger sections of hair each time.

Want to get some inspiration on silk hair curler hairstyles? Check out our Instagram page for heatless curls stylings!

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Switch to silk for hydrated skin, healthy hair and better quality sleep. Find out all the benefits of silk here.

We recommend hand-washing our silk items in cool water to preserve the silk fabric, however our silk pillowcases are also machine-washable.

See our FAQ section for more silk care information and find a step-by-step guide for washing silk here.

HEAT-free styling

Join the heatless curler revolution

Our Silk Heatless Curler will become your new go-to hair accessory for heatless hair styling. Goodbye heat damage, hello effortless curls!

Heatless curls overnight

Achieve beautiful overnight curls without any heat damage using our luxury 100% silk heatless hair curler set. This will become your new go-to hair styling tool!

Why silk heatless hair curlers are the best heatless curlers

Experience the haircare benefits of mulberry silk by using our 100% silk heatless hair curler. Silk is gentle and smooth on your hair to reduce hair tangling and breakage, minimise frizz and retain moisture.

Gifting with The Silk Collection

We are all about thoughtful gifting at The Silk Collection and our focus is on creating beautiful silk gifts that will elevate their daily self-care routine.

Each heatless curling set is hand-packaged with care into our signature gift box. Add a personal message at checkout and we will hand-write a gift note for you free of charge.

The Silk Collection Gift Box UK

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Mayra O.
Love it

I really like this set. The presentation is so elegant. This is the first time that I enjoy having my hair down every single day.The best part is that doesn’t damage my hair and is so easy to use.


I spent a long time researching heartless curlers before deciding to go with the silk collection. I made the right choice. First time using the curler my hair was incredible after wearing overnight. I already had some of the small hair ties so I knew the quality was good but I’m really impressed by this brand and am sticking with you for my hair silk needs. Thank you 🙏🏽

Best heatless curler

I have long thick hair i tryed so many heatless curlers and they drop out within an hour this curler is flat not round and it keeps the curls for 2days! amazing results best curler out there.

Luxurious Results 😍

Luxury results at affordable prices. It’s like I’ve been to the salon!
The pure mulberry silk heatless curl set makes all the difference. Another effortless, luxury result from the silk collection. Can’t beat it! The set slots in so nicely to the silk bonnet. It’s not too tight on your head which makes all the difference. Comfort whilst the magic happens ✨ Thank you!

Perfect eye mask

I even found it very comforting, I always wear it even if not absolutely necessary.
The packaging is beautiful and the service is excellent.

WOW - Mind blown!!

WOW! I was brought x3 of the collections for Christmas including the hair ties, the bonnet and the heatless curls. I am obsessed with hair care and strive for the very best products and accessories. I have so many compliments on my hair and people can’t believe that the curls in the photograph are heatless! In fact, neither can I. It makes my hair routine effortless, I couldn’t be without it now. This photo was taken after a 9 hour day at work and they are still going strong. Highly recommend. These accessories are a long term investment. Thank you the silk collection🩵

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