Silk Pillowcase vs. Silk Hair Wrap: Which is best for you?

Silk Pillowcase vs. Silk Hair Wrap: Which is best for you?

If you are looking to improve your daily haircare routine with the aim of getting healthier hair, it can be overwhelming when faced with the different options of hair oils, hair masks, leave-in treatments and even specific hair brushes to promote healthier hair.

A commonly overlooked but highly effective method of haircare is incorporating silk into your overnight haircare, as this offers the opportunity to nurture and protect your hair for hours while you sleep. 

For those looking to incorporate overnight haircare into their daily haircare routine, a silk pillowcase and a silk hair wrap are two easy ways to effortlessly protect your hair as you sleep overnight. This has led to many of you to ask - do you need both?

"Which is better for haircare - a silk pillowcase or silk bonnet? Do I need both?"

Here we go through the benefits of using both a silk pillowcase and a silk hair wrap, and in which situations you may prefer using one over the other. We'll also include some of our top overnight haircare tips to help keep your hair strong and healthy as you sleep!

Why mulberry silk is the best material for haircare

Before we go into the relative benefits of a silk pillowcase vs. silk bonnet, let’s understand why silk is the fabric of choice for haircare. Silk, especially mulberry silk, is known for its smooth surface that glides against hair. This reduces friction against the hair, which helps to:

  • Preventing hair breakage
  • Reducing split ends
  • Minimising frizz

Therefore it is essential that you opt for real silk pillowcases and hair wraps crafted from pure mulberry silk (rather than synthetic alternatives) so that you can experience these haircare benefits. When deciding which silk haircare accessory is best for you, there are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to use one or the other (or both!).

Silk pillowcase for overnight haircare

The Silk Collection Silk Pillowcase Pair in Champagne

Silk pillowcases are not just a luxury addition to your bedding; they are a night-long hair treatment. As you toss and turn, a silk pillowcase allows your hair to glide smoothly, minimising knots, tangles, and breakage. This is especially beneficial for those with long hair or hair prone to tangling.

Why use a Silk Pillowcase over a Silk Hair Wrap?

1. If you don't like to wear headwear as you sleep: Not everyone likes to wear a cap to sleep each night. Silk pillowcases are ideal for providing all the benefits of silk for haircare, without you needing to wear anything on your head at night.

2. if you want combined skincare and haircare: A big benefit of using a silk pillowcase is that the smooth texture also has a number of benefits for skin as well as for hair. Silk pillowcases are particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, as the hypoallergenic properties of silk can also soothe the skin, reducing the chances of acne and irritation.

3. If you want to elevate your bedroom decor: Silk pillowcases also add a touch of luxury to your bedroom beyond their practical benefits for hair and skin.

Best Time to Use

Every night! Making a silk pillowcase part of your daily sleep routine can transform the health and appearance of your hair and skin over time. We spend around a third of our lives sleeping with our face and hair pressed against our pillow, so it is worth investing in a 100% silk pillowcase for overnight haircare and skincare!

Tips for Maximising Benefits:

  • Opt for a high momme silk (the measure of silk’s weight and quality) for durability and enhanced hair protection as you sleep.
  • Make sure it is a real silk pillowcase - before purchasing, make sure to check the label to see if it is 100% silk so that you can get all the benefits from real silk.
  • Combine with a silk hair wrap (find out more below!) for double protection if you have very fragile or damaged hair.

Silk Hair Wrap for Dedicated Overnight Haircare

The Silk Hair Wrap in Blush Pink

Whilst a silk pillowcase for hair has all-round benefits, silk hair wraps offer a more targeted approach to overnight hair protection. Using a hair wrap made from silk helps to maintain hairstyles, moisture, and hair health, particularly for curly, textured, or chemically treated hair that requires extra care.

Why use a Silk Hair Wrap rather than a Silk Pillowcase?

1. Ideal for those looking to maintain hairstyles: If you are looking specifically for a tool to protect your hair and prolong hairstyles, then a Silk Hair Wrap is the best tool to use. A hair wrap can maintain the longevity of certain hairstyles, such as braids, curls, and blowouts, by protecting the hair from frizz, tangling, and flattening. This is especially useful for those who want to extend the life of their hairstyles, reducing the need for frequent styling or touch-ups.

2. Those with curly, textured, or long hair will find a silk bonnet useful for keeping their hair tangle-free and moisturised and contained overnight. This is particularly important for those with curly hair as this hair type is more prone to dryness.

3. Good for travel - If you're going on holiday, a hair wrap is easy to pack and use anywhere, making it a convenient option for maintaining a haircare routine while traveling to ensure that your hair remains protected no matter where you are sleeping.

4. Budget-friendly option - if you are looking to start your silk haircare journey and have budget in mind, investing in a silk pillowcase pair will be a bigger investment. Starting with a Silk Hair Wrap can be a good way to enjoy the benefits of silk for hair at a lower cost.

Best Time to Use:

Every night, especially after applying leave-in treatments or oils, to lock in moisture and prevent hair products from transferring to your pillow and face.

Silk Pillowcase and Silk Hair Wrap: A Match Made in Haircare Heaven

For the ultimate overnight haircare regime, we highly recommend using both a silk pillowcase and silk hair wrap together to maximise overnight haircare benefits.

This haircare duo is your ticket to waking up with healthier, more radiant hair every morning. Using both a silk pillowcase and a silk bonnet can provide the ultimate protection and nourishment for your hair, ensuring you get the most out of your beauty sleep:

  • Maximum Moisture Retention: The silk bonnet keeps your hair treatments and natural oils close to your strands, and just in case strands of hair come out from the wrap as you sleep, the silk pillowcase offers double protection as the second layer underneath.

  • Combined skincare and haircare - using both the silk pillowcase and hair wrap together will provide maximum beauty sleep benefits for both hair and skin!
  • Enhanced Protection Against Breakage: While the silk pillowcase reduces friction for your hair and skin, the silk bonnet ensures that even the most delicate hairstyles are preserved, preventing tangles and knots.

  • Versatility and Convenience: Using both allows you to adapt your nighttime haircare routine based on your current hair needs, providing flexibility and ensuring the best care for your hair in any condition.

Silk Pillowcase vs. Silk Bonnet: Making the Choice

If you are looking to start your silk haircare journey with just one, making the choice between a silk pillowcase and a silk bonnet comes down to personal preference, hair type, and specific haircare needs:

  • For combined haircare and skincare: Opt for a silk pillowcase. It’s an easy, effective method to protect your hair and skin simultaneously.

  • For maintaining hairstyles and maximising moisture retention: Choose a silk hair wrap to keep hair hydrated, styled, and free from tangles.

More overnight haircare tips

The Statement Silk Scrunchie in Oyster

Our top overnight haircare tips

  • Loosely tie your hair with a silk scrunchie to prevent tension and breakage. A loose braid or ponytail can help manage hair overnight, especially when combined with silk accessories.
  • Avoid going to bed with wet hair to minimise damage and breakage. Wet hair is more delicate and prone to breakage.
  • Use Silk Heatless Curlers to style hair rather than heated curling tools. This is an effective way to style your hair without needing any heat. Once the heatless curlers are in your hair, simply put the Silk Hair Wrap on top to preserve the style and reduce frizz as you sleep!

    Conclusion: Use silk for overnight haircare

    Whether you choose a silk pillowcase or hair wrap, incorporating silk into your nighttime routine is a game-changer for hair health. 

    Key takeaway

    Remember, the key to healthy hair is not just in the products you use but also in how you care for it overnight. Silk accessories offer an effortless, effective way to keep your hair looking its best, proving that sometimes, the best haircare routine is the one you do in your sleep!

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