How to style your silk scrunchies this Summer

There's no denying it - scrunchies are back and here to stay! The scrunchie trend has continued to grow over the last few years and silk scrunchies in particular are becoming increasingly popular as a luxurious yet caring option for your hair.

If you haven't yet upgraded your hair ties to silk scrunchies, you will definitely want to consider it! Our silk scrunchies are made with a strong elastic to hold your hair in place, whilst the natural silk fabric is gentle against your hair to help prevent damage and frizz.

To get ready for Summer 2021, we've put together our top silk scrunchie hairstyles we'll be styling this summer! 

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1. High ponytail 

Super stylish and perfect for work, this look will immediately dress up your outfit. Silk scrunchies are gentle against your hair to prevent split ends and damage from prolonged hair tying, which is especially important when tying your hair in a tight ponytail.

Pictured is our Statement Silk Scrunchie in Champagne.

 Champagne Silk Scrunchie - High Ponytail

2.  Casual bun

We love this look for a casual, effortless style, whilst also keeping hair off your face this summer. We love this look with a larger scrunchie - our Statement Silk Scrunchie adds the perfect statement piece for this hairstyle. 

 Silk Scrunchie - low bun


3. Half-up half-down

This elegant look is perfect for a more relaxed style. Perfect for all hair types and lengths, you can use either our Classic Silk Scrunchie or our Mini Silk Scrunchies for this look!

Pictured is our Classic Silk Scrunchie in Dusty Rose.

 Dusty Rose Silk Scrunchie - Hairstyle Summer 2021 - Half up Half down


4. Plait

Plaits are a great option for those with longer hair - a perfect way to tie your hair both during the day, and at night for easy waves when you wake up in the morning! Our mini silk scrunchies are perfect for this style.

Pictured is our Mini Silk Scrunchie in Oyster.

Silk Scrunchie - Oyster - Plait hairstyle - Summer 2021


5. Low Ponytail

This practical look is perfect for keeping stray strands off your face this summer.

Pictured is our Statement Silk Scrunchie in Champagne

Silk Scrunchie - Low Ponytail hairstyle


6. On the wrist

Don't forget our favourite way to wear our silk scrunchies - on our wrist! We always have a few on our wrist to help style our outfits. 

Pictured is our classic silk scrunchie in Aqua.

 Aqua silk scrunchie


Which is your go-to style this summer? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram when you're wearing your silk scrunchies and share your styling for a chance to feature on our grid!

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